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Misha Danilov Bass Player, Big Band Composer

I'm extremely grateful to people who supported me on my musical journey. 

I would not be able to afford my study in Berklee College of Music without any of my supporters.
Now, I have graduated from Berklee with majors in Performance and Jazz Composition, collaborated and performed with many award-winning musicians.

However, following my passion as a big band composer is not easy way to survive. Writing, rehearsing and holding recording session for 18 people big band is extremely costly and time consuming.


With your help, I will not only be able to survive but also ensure my time is best spent on writing quality music.

These are some of my highlights as a jazz big band composer:  

-Finalist of ASCAP Young Composers Competition - Original big band composition "Brainwash"; 

-Recorded two original big band composition "Stay", and "Glam City", featuring Grammy winning singer Donna McElroy; 

-Big band arrangement for Chinese tune "Jin She Kuang Wu" for the pioneer in Chinese ethnic music, Yazhi Guo (woodwind virtuoso) - performed by award winning composer, Alan Chan and his Jazz Orchestra, later recorded with Berklee professor, Kim Plainfield, who sadly passed away recently;

-My big band adaptation of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" was performed for 10.000 audience at S.O.A.R. 2016 Music Festival, and later recorded and released by Berklee College of Music with thousands views.


All of these was possible because of people who believed in me and kindly offered their financial support.

Now, I'm in need of your help as never.
I have graduated and moved to Los Angeles, going through status adjustment process after my student visa expired and finding money to survive while not being allowed to work kept me away from writing music.

I want to release a big band album. And, this is going to be the biggest personal project I have ever worked on.
To make it happen, I need to put my time into writing music and later have it to be rehearsed, recorded and produced. 


Your support will grant me the time I need to focus on writing my music.

As a patron and supporter, you will receive invitations to the rehearsals, recordings, live performances and monthly updates on my current projects.


I hope you will be able to pledge your support at whatever level you can, either with a one-time contribution or with a sustaining monthly or annual contributions.

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